MME WAP 5 series multi-purpose piston air winches are designed specifically to cope with the harsh conditions encountered in mining, construction, marine and offshore drilling applications. The winches have a factor of safety in excess of 6 at the rated load. They comply with the requirements of ASME B30.7. The manufacturing facility producing the winches is ISO9001 certified.

Features and Characteristics

Precise Control: Fail safe manual lever control offers variable speed control. Accurate and precise positioning of loads is standard for all models. The valve shuts off automatically when released, thereby stopping the supply of compressed air to the motor and the fail safe brake (if fitted) which is then applied automatically.

Brake: Manual or optional fail safe brake capable of holding in excess of 125% of the working load limit. The non-asbestos brake bands are adjustable to take up friction lining wear. The fail safe brake is applied automatically when the air supply to the winch is shut off.

Exhaust Silencer: The non clogging exhaust air silencer limits the noise level to 85dB(A).

Piston Motor: Piston air motor ensures maximum starting torque when starting under load.

Sealed Drive Unit: The totally sealed drive motor and gearbox ensures that moisture and dirt are kept out. The gears are heat treated and mounted on high strength, low friction bearings ensuring the most stringent duty cycles can be met.

Ease of Maintenance : The modular design of the winch allows easy access to internal components such as the motor, gearbox, brake and drum assembly. Common parts are used throughout the range.

Variations: Variations include “hands on” or remote operation, manual or automatic brake, dual brakes, filter/lubricator and drum guard. Marine spec paint on request.

Lifting Capacity (tonne) 5.0 5.0
Rope Speed at Rated Load (m/min) 17 17
Max Stall Pull on 1st Layer (kg) 8700 8700
Air Consumption (m3/min) 28 28
Max Rope Storage Length (m) Ø19mm 280 610
Max Rope Storage Length (m) Ø22mm 180 400
Weight Without Wire Rope (kg) 1030 1100
Air Connection (Toggle Control) 1½” 1½”
Air Connection (Spool Valve Control) 1¼” 1¼”
Supply Hose (Inside Ø) (mm) 1½” 1½”
Drum Length (mm) 350 745
Drum Diameter (mm) 312 312

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